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  Scottie pippen is following Dwight? Howard, carmelo? Anthony, yi and wang zhizhi, joining the Amazing magic cast of the fifth NBA basketball superstar The magic in silence after a year in the new season, will bounce backQ: the knicks need first-round draft picks to as part of the deal, Anthony chip you think the rockets can use first-round draft picks, plus Jordan - hill and bardeen lattice to change in the California? Such adelman had rockets peja stojakovic During this period, his 4-time All-Star, 4-time NBA team the Year, 1993,1994 topped the All-Star third of the king, while there are 2 seasons in free-throw shooting and high rates of top league Like the 2008 All-Star race and the Celtics signed PJ Now, the only time can explain everythingQ: do you know the thing now dampier of progress?Ingram: originally Thursday will make a decision dampier led the rockets had previously proposed to dampier had quote contract, but with the bucks

 "Washington, new season winning credit will be their perimeter player Kobe Bryant saidFrom a certain level, the LeBron - James does not agree with this view, of course, is not willing to sacrifice himself, but he thought his teammate Dwyane - Wade do not need to make any sacrifice and change During last season, Jackson will in the summer, with rumours of old poor health is Jackson retired rumours factsʾ "I don't think he'll like the lax According to understand, this time in the magic something Amazing "belongs to play - a retired ecru, did the boss's NBA star

 However, did not win a championship with him is difficult to compare those truly great player This is our situation, we must do our best to play wellWhere are the advantages of Williams? There is no doubt that he was no difference in half projection Below is the wizards preview2 points under H, and 6 1

 At that time, jannero pargo is leaving the club, but he is in Europe and the bulls injuries From 1954, NBA 24 seconds system was introducedYou desperately to recall the past, in black and white YingHua in frantically searching for, kareem's death in the game of Bruce lee's biggest "boss" image could be our deep memory of extreme, he is in the last Bruce, but what's surprising is that since then and kareem abdul-jabbar unexpectedly became Bruce lee's fans, and became the lee of jeet kune do disciple, bitterness Barron several current teams and alliances have contact Because is stereo so each Angle bag is geometric shapes, concave and convex have send, rugged8 minutes played, averaging 4 In the fourth quarter and overtime during the last two minutes, shooting should be stopped after the success of the game clockWest had a great ring true in recent years

 In their efforts, the New Orleans hornets win 56 games and win the division title Need to be replaced every time the expulsion of the players injured or when the reverse should be processed in the order accordingly "Former NBA player to come to China to play are nothing new, the recent former NBA player Quincy - Dolby and Xinjiang team has signed a contract season, the original mansions that were being investigated by the candidate, in the Xinjiang team " first gain the upper hand, "the move has been rushed to dig under the past, 1To the four teams, no doubt, rocket is relatively stronger team, the next is the Trail Blazers, Bucks and Toronto Raptors Alliance players can more respect to the game and, therefore, technical foul calls scale will become more severe, moral action violates the movement will further its affiliated enterprises, these movements of people will get punishedA circle, this JiMo road commodity market also is a stronghold center, male and female famous brand garment, shoe bag, or famous brand is everything Today, this third NBA career tramp the blessing by the Bucks, but is as assistant coachSohu Ticker September 27 News, NBA is in the offseason, the following are the teams that the main news today:Anthony terrorist training camp in the absence ofIf Carmelo Anthony - missing training camp, the party is on the Nuggets and is a very embarrassing situation

 "I don't need to find other power, I just want to ensure we as a team, the common goal For Iran's performance in the World Championship, the only 20-year-old striker has also affirmed, "This is Iran's basketball world championships debut, I think we did very wellLamar odom has guard skills, but he was more appear in the paint, because he is an excellent rebounder, and is the most underrated NBA insider defenders68 tons, 92Of course, abdul-jabbar just NBA players at the beginning of the movie mass noted, after all, that the film has come a dazzling kareem of Los Angeles, Hollywood for them, the fact is that in the future - 30 years, on the big screen why most players from the Los Angeles lakers3 points, 2 48 rebounds

 These movements in the new season will be the technical fouls I also know that fake quality is bad, but now is spent a lot of money to buy the shoes, probably true attia will let people mistakenly you buy is fake, too After the injury and armed attack again, after the case in the arenas, before the media trademark smile disappears Eventually, the king in the first round of the 19th overall pick Dolby, but worth mentioning is that this pick even higher than the Rondo (21st overall), Rondo has become the Union are now top of the control Wei, one of the more lackluster Dolby has become, he never starting in the NBA over the period Whether we believe do not believe that he will not come backFor several seasons, let the giant learned silence, then choose with time to answer back strong For yao Ming, he wants to prove that he was once the super center, is still a big kill on the pitch"

 2004, the Charlotte Bobcats joined the team to reach 30Biggest flaw: basketball IQThornton, yi and melchizedek has talent, but don't know how to maximize their energy Sanders jokingly tone said: "I do not think anyone would have around 50 people surrounded the case, there is the desire to talk, you guys (reporters) is not the most friendly people, so it is still Let us take a better attitude towards him (Arenas) it After each player is hoped that stay together, but also look at is not good matchFortunately, the Wizards got a bit of luck, they got a draft pick, and picked John - Wall, you can make them less painful rebuilding process People are eager to know my knee recovery, but I don't like the list of specific scheduleOverall, Williams is a physical point guard shooting guard, he can beat any point guard with a jumper, but it is difficult to tease out the methodical offensive teammates path We must make the game," reader-first respect

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The main office located in Tiburon Orlando, Florida by the development team to visit the main staff, learned the football Coach (NFL Head Coach) a lot of detail. In the play, the coach is no direct control of the athletes. However, through various ways to stimulate staff participating organizations capable of high emotion, adopting ingenious strategy game team win. Game has a total of 40 different roles and other categories Kiper Mel "the role of" the task is special record. Game live,

The manager JiBian flexible

Actually the coach of conception is very simple, it is mainly use the NFL to EA, the difference is that in the NFL team and in the streets, some new elements increased. Such as Football environment, it is similar to The production of other Arena Football Arena (NCAA), and The other "and" violence Football League (League) The Blitz, etc. More importantly, the manager of the newest or a rugby RPG, integral feeling and European soccer are very alike, but compared to the more expressive depth and wide.

Main producer of Tiburon, "Jeremy strauss (Jeremy Strauser)" once said that they wanted players to play a football coach here, and to provide visual representation, his coach decided where you may realize, such as appeared in the border into office, and lead to actual training players entered the room planning wonderful strategy, etc. It said you can't control, main function is to use players on actual chance to attack.

This view is flexible, whether you feel in what position and in reality activities. The football coach of the picture is completely by the 3D technology, it is luxuriant, the effect is very exquisite, various texture you can appreciate the mood changes each role. addition to free choice in the position, but also can match command quarterback, feng bits from the players, and obtain the final victory.

According to the actual situation to command

You are a manager, the first job is to do the best. When you choose a favorite game after the team, you can start to meet all the athletes. After the group will test you enter the football knowledge, such as what action you? You are a brilliant strategist, or an inspiring masters? Here the answer not guessing, only the correct answer very after each problem, the system will be increased depending on the various attributes you power.

Careful analysis to different situations, to correct guidance. Coach can use a calendar system, it will automatically record every day of rugby scenarios. In view of the actual problems you can talk with each athlete, also can win planning and assistant. As a manager, you need to see a problem, in order to make overall planning for the long term, this is not as players' heart. After the game, players will return to the next movement, the list of winners will be a sign for display.

Anyhow, want to become a good coach, will need solely responsible for the team, tactics, site and details of the organization.

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Kenny Logan said "in addition to produce twins," DORE "is he the best thing ever done!" In the past few years, Scottish football star Kenny Logan (Kenny Logan) never tell everybody, in his courage, hidden behind the difficulty in writing. GeBi until his wife in a chance to let him know "DORE" scheme, Kenny began to summon up courage to fight dysgraphia.

For him, most of the time in the school, he is low head, can hide hide, can escape fled. The high school life, because he can't read or write, teacher and classmates always called him a fool. He never understand after 26 letters, also don't understand why some letters concurred became so pronunciation. For example, why "telephone" spelling is "please" instead of "fone". He is very eager to catch other classmates, but do not. The more he tried to understand the confusion, and sometimes sad to crying asleep. Later, he did some let himself be driven out of the classroom. Because stood in a daze, corridor is better than sitting in the classroom by the teacher call, accused. He hid behind on the blackboard in the classroom, preaching, trying to do something stupid, let himself be driven out of the classroom. Because enough known as an idiot, want to find a place of attention is not hide.

The stress and anxiety class often let his stomach, often because of serious physical discomfort absence. Every morning, the school will have a feeling of terror, that kind of feeling like someone to his stomach to beat a punch. Near the school, uneasy feeling is higher, the stomach feel sometimes almost unendurable pain to let him. Every day, he encouraged himself, tell yourself, "today I must redouble efforts to!" But, no matter how hard, the situation is not better. Always do wrong, because be accused, teachers feel he is lazy.

Finally, the only help him through the school's career is sports activities. He loves football and soccer, golf and any can let him something is active. His general secondary education testing of no confidence. The first class examination, a test, turn head only one thing -- don't understand questions. Spent five minutes, want to clear up the topic, but to understand the confusion, and other classmates in leaps and wrote down what I thought. Then he stood up and out of the classroom, and vowed never to return. That year he was 16, no certificate, not graduate. / p >

16 and 24 years he worked on the farm, has begun to play rugby football, and in 19 into Scotland national team, becoming a professional football player, the heart is still dark. In 1996, when he is "London" serve the New Orleans hornets, still unable to read, write, can't even unable to write him in London facing the form is received every day, he didn't know what to do, and finally, form by the home, mother to fill in all. Travel to London

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